About Us

Providing professional and trusted medical care in a respectful and individual manner

Queen Street Medical Centre has been an integral part of the local health community in Brisbane City for over 30 years and has always been renowned for supporting doctors who provide medical care in a professional and respectful manner.

Given our location in Queen Street Mall, Brisbane City, the doctors we support are fortunate to welcome corporate workers, domestic and international travellers, university students and residents of the Brisbane City and surrounding suburbs. They are equipped to handle workplace injuries, including site injuries, minor lacerations, cuts and burns.

At Queen Street Medical Centre, we place a high level of importance on the doctor-patient relationship and hope that your experience as patient from the moment you walk in the door is positive. We allow 15 minutes for a standard consultation, with longer appointments available, and show the proper respect for your personal schedule by endeavouring to run on time.

Our Practice team consists of two Registered Nurses who may be in contact with you regarding the follow up of results or consultation reminders. We do email our patients occasionally in regards to changes at the Practice, doctor’s holidays, health alerts and health reminders.


What Our Patients Say