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May 19, 2015 | by

How to Never Feel Stressed at Work Again

The health experts at the Greatist have come up with a great takeaway on stress management and working. The piece covers not only the signs of stress at work, but how to combat the problem as well.

Ongoing, chronic stress can trigger real physical effects, ranging from depression and anxiety to high blood pressure, according to the Greatist piece. Stress can trigger a “Fight or Flight” instinct in sufferers, resulting in adrenal fatigue and chronic ill health.

Thankfully, the piece outlines a great solution to the stress at work problem — one that can be easily incorporated into your regular routine. One of the best ways to manage the stressors found in most workplaces is to acknowledge them but avoid being controlled by them. Your co-workers or boss may be annoying, but if you let them drive you crazy, your stress levels will skyrocket. Actively choosing to refuse to be stressed out may actually reduce your aggravation level over time.

In addition to simply letting go, Greatist suggests coming up with a stress-relieving action plan, one that combines the benefits of meditation with gentle stretching and soothing exercise.

By indulging in daily meditation and movement exercises, you can naturally build up your resistance to workplace stress. Adding in careful reflection of your speech and attitudes towards others, you can create a more harmonious relationship with your coworkers, a key to a stress-free workplace.

Careful attention to lwoering your stress levels and examination of the source of the issues can help you create coping mechanisms that work just for you.

Creating an atmosphere of kindness, compassion and goodwill can help everyone in your workplace.

To find out more head on over and read the complete article for details on how to work stress-free.



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