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February 21, 2017 | by

Planning an overseas holiday?

Do you like to explore nature’s wonderland, indulge in the exotic flavours of the world or befriend animals across the globe? Well we recommend an appointment with your GP before you travel – not the day before, at least 4 weeks prior (there’s a downside to being spontaneous!).

Where are you going, what will you be doing and what are the known health risks?

Whether you’re trekking through the Amazon, spotting the big 5 in Africa or simply holidaying to South East Asia with friends – there’s health advice and recommendations to consider. There are many diseases that aren’t prevalent in Australia as a result of our standards of living, environment and public health measures (ie vaccination) however when you venture outside the “Land Down Under” you are at risk of coming in contact with different bacteria and viruses. You can contract such things through the bite of a mosquito, ingesting contaminated water or food or getting a little too close to local animals. Let’s not forget the diseases that are shared between friends, which aren’t necessarily travel specific.

Are on any medication? Do you have enough supply for the duration of your holiday? Consider whether a time difference in your destination will have any implications on strict medication schedules.

All in all, when you’re booking your next overseas holiday along with travel planning, organising insurance and submitting those annual leave forms – think about your health, the current travel health advice and make an informed decision about preventative healthcare measures.

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