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Ear Suction

Ear suction is a modern technique to remove impacted ear wax. GPs consulting from Queen Street Medical Centre perform ear suction. It involves your GP wearing microscopic glasses with a bright light and uses a small instrument to gently ‘suck’ clean the ear canal (similar to a vacuum cleaner).  This is a simple, gentle, effective and safe procedure.

Ear wax is a normal product made of oil & sweat secretions, mixed with skin cells. The wax forms a protective film, that is antibacterial and lubricates the ear canal. Wax is also the ear’s self-cleaning mechanism that traps and eliminates dust and dirt from the ear canal. When this mechanism is disrupted, wax accumulates and is impacted thus requiring removal.

Other methods of ear wax removal are irrigation (syringing with warm water) or manual extraction with forceps (sterile instruments). However, microsuction is the preferred technique for problematic ear wax removal. Your doctor will likely recommend the use of eardrops to soften impacted ear wax.

If you have symptoms of pain, hearing loss, ear infection, foreign body or any concerns with your ears, book a doctor’s appointment promptly.

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